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Ange Muyubira

Executive Director/Founder

After spending 10 years in England working for different fashion companies, Ange brought her love of fashion back to Burundi. Born and raised in Bujumbura, she wanted to come back home and start an organization that highlighted the vast array of talent and art in Burundi. After several years as just a for-profit company, Ange decided to expand as a social enterprise to provide local artisans with the skills and financial literacy training needed to start their own small fashion businesses. Ange is well known around the world as a fierce and stylish advocate for Burundi and is making waves in the international markets.


Arnaud Niyongabo

Programs Director

Arnaud joined our team a little over a year ago and has proven to be a true leader, helping our Incubator and Fashion Academy grow exponentially. Arnaud comes from a long career in the global health sector and is passionate about impact assessment. He is known for always having a good story, laugh, and keeping everyone on track!


Sandrine Gapfasoni

Finance Manager

Sandrine is another new staff member this year that has brought significant and positive change to Kaz’O’zah Art and Kaz’O’zah Keza. She is our go to excel spreadsheet wiz and makes even the most complex budgets easy for the rest of us to understand. She comes to us from the private sector with a vision to inspire young women in the work that we do.



Jessica Mulcahy-Miller

Program Development & Outreach Coordinator

A recent graduate from Rutgers University, Jess recently joined our team to help expand our work globally. She is passionate about women's rights globally and brings a wealth of knowledge on program development and evaluation. An avid cook, she spends her spare time visiting farmers' markets in the US and creating new recipes.




Ladouce Ezako

Project Facilitator

Ladouce joined our team in 2019 to facilitate and expand our work by giving training about financial literacy and Alphabetisation. She is passionate about changing her society especially women and young girls on how to be financially independent. She spends her free time teaching children bible studies and singing.


Gwladys Luce Gakiza

Project Facilitator

Gwladys joined us in late 2019 and has worked hard to help devolop and facilitate new literacy training courses for our beneficiaries. She is responsible for seeking job opportunities for trained beneficiaries and following up on individual small businesses started by artisans. She is a joy to have in the office and on the weekends you can catch her dancing to Bachata or Kizomba.

Regis edit.jpg

Regis Gakeme

Regis is one of our newest staff members and has brought laughter to the Burundi office. When he is not working tirelessly to find new market opportunities for Kaz’O‘zah Art and our artisans, you can find him laughing and joking around with the team. Everyone in the office has a funny Regis story and we are thrilled to have in on the team.


Alain Bruce Nicanire

Accounts & Compliance Officer

Bruce is one of senior staff members for Kaz’O‘zah Art and works hard to keep us all on track financially as we continue to grow. He is meticulous in his work and  strives to find as many opportunities for our artisans as possible.


Divine Ange Niragira

Logistics & Procurement Officer

Devine has been with us for several years and is one of the main pillars that makes Kaz’O‘zah run smoothly every day. From organizing finances, looking over special orders, and traveling to the market everyday, she keeps our team on track. She is such a down to earth mother of two but also a very diligent person in everything she does.



Shamim Kafuko

Communication Officer

Shamim is an adventurous person with a desire to challenge herself through interacting with diverse communities and cultures. She enjoys listening and retelling stories of the artisan more so through a camera lens.

Her daily motivation comes from the desire to be part of the story of change in underserved communities and this she does through her contributing role of sharing the stories of artisans with the rest of the world.


Fulgence Hakizimana

Nothing could happen in our Uganda office without Fulgence and is a jack of all trades. He is the rock that holds our growing office together there, and can always be found working on different projects on the grounds. He is one of our most fashionable staff members and is always representing Kaz’O‘zah at any event with our latest mens fashion wear.

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